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   Advertising has become one of the the most important factors in determining the success of a business. It allows you to reach out to a wide range of potential customers for your business allowing it to grow and increase your net profit.  Large data and research based websites like Chron outlines the aspects of advertising as promotion, awareness, comparisons, retention and morale which emphasizes and compliments the importance of advertising, discussed by Duck Tape Marketing

  Mass media advertising can range from television commercials to radio advertisements or simply printing flyers, billboards and hanging banners. Of course our favorite medium is advertising through social media via websites and apps, here’s why:  


– It is a fact that television commercials are placed between series, news, movies etc. to reach out to the viewing audience. Research has shown that during a commercial, most people tend to switch the channel, take a small break, check their phones or even talk, completely ignoring the commercial, thus defeating the purpose of your advertisement

-While radio announcements and advertisements are powerful, ideally, more than 60% of the listeners are tuned in from a vehicle which leads to problems with your presentation such as lack of focus, distractions from the environment and depending on the situation, key parts of your verbal advertisement may be ignored or simply not heard. 


How is advertising with us better?

 Unlike other forms of advertising, computer users are focused and as such, when an advertisement pops up, it is given full attention. Of course, the user can over look it but the idea is that they will get a proper view of your advertising product or service which will be stored in their subconscious.   Depending on what type of advertising you choose from our options, you can have your advertisements placed in the blank side/corner areas of our website in which all users will exist in all non-full width pages throughout the site. Advertise from:


-Sidebars which can be place on all typical pages throughout the site (max coverage)

-Blogs and Posts for all readers to help promote your business (medium coverage)

-Announcements and Newsletters sent to all subscribed users (max coverage)

       -‘Buy Out’ our Home Page by replacing our slider with your Ads per day  (highest coverage)




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