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About Us

The Company

Just Us dating website is owned and operated by New Verge Connections of Trinidad and Tobago. Our goal was to create the perfect dating website that would be able to merge Online dating and Social Networking. We commenced creation of the Just Us project on February 2017 taking into consideration users’ expectations, wants and needs along with efficiency and convenience. We are dedicated to helping our users find connections by making online dating easy, affordable and worthwhile.


Just Us

 Just Us is built on a familiar, user-friendly platform that focuses on the theme of social interaction rather than the modern-day ‘industrialized love’ theme. How did we do this? Well, we have added many features to allow greater exposure of each user on the site, meaning, you will have much greater opportunities to interact and meet new people.

Unlike other sites which  uses the shared interests aspect of dating only; our dating environment allow members to experience each others’ personality, intellect and reactions. With these features, users are able to determine fundamental aspects of another user’s persona including humor, wit, charm, kindness, thoughtfulness, patience and the list goes on. Ideally, the ability to get along as well as being matched on paper.


Fix the Problem

In reality, the truth is, most of us have had at least 2-3 relationships in that past that had failed due to some reason. Though we may gain experience, if we were to put this on paper and assume that your next relationship will be the ideal one for us then we can say that 1 in 3-4 relationships work out. This is a bit scary because, 25%-33% is the success rate of our next possible relationship. When relationships have exhausted charm, sexual attraction and we no longer see the best version of our partners then problems can arise. We all have our own goals, preferences, personalities and even our bad habits. After time, both partners can have trouble compromising, living together and planning their lives which causes the lost of interest and a hint of regret.  How can we fix this problem?

Online dating is growing rapidly and research today shows that these relationships are healthier, more successful and surveys show that in these countries, maybe 25% of couples met through online means.