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Guidelines | Just Us | Every Night Is Date Night


Information & Help

We provide a unique service for those of you who require assistance about using our services, as well as, membership pricing and features. Please Do not abuse this service for unimportant information.

All our latest tutorials are available on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. If you require assistance, we will be glad to assist you with all site related questions. 


Search vs. Trending

Users who have registered and not completed their profile information or uploaded their photo may be bypassed by our Search. To be shown to other users, it is important that you complete your profile so that other members searching for your details (e.g religion, eye color, age) can find you.

Our Trending Feature displays all users on Just Us(with respect to their privacy settings), however, please do not depend on this feature for successful encounters.


Chat/Menu User Images

We have already added this task to our to-do list in future upgrades. Currently, all users will see default characters in their chat system and menu, however we do apologize for this inconvenience but all users can look forward to this upgrade in the future.


Technical Support

Our Technical Support is mostly based out of Trinidad and Tobago. Please keep in mind that while we may acknowledge your report, depending on the severity of the technical issues or errors, a solution can be provided within hours or even days.

Report to




All matters regarding business, advertising and ‘non-service’ related, Steel is available and responsible for all advertising at New Verge Connections. Please read our Advertising Page or contact him at 1-868-314-5200.

If you are unable to reach him, please submit a  business inquiry here



Privacy options are available to provide members with control over their dating personas, shielding their private details from the public. This can be found at Settings>Privacy in the User Menu above their profile.


Membership Packages

While Just Us dating site is free to register and use under the Basic Membership Package, all additional features and perks are restricted to paid Membership Packages. All membership packages last a total of 30 days, by which all members are required to re-apply another Membership Package.

Please note that all unlocked features from paid packages are not carried across to the Basic Membership Package.


Blocking and Reporting 

We have provided a Blocking option to peacefully allow members to prevent contact from other members that may annoy or irritate them. This can be completed with the removal of such members from your Friend’s List.

All serious misconducts, threats and disturbances should be reported to us along with a screenshot of the offensive media or content.


Meet Me

This is a modern feature used by top dating and social websites. If you select ‘Yes’ to the Meet Me feature option, the displayed member receives an e-mail notification stating your interest in them along with your username and profile link available. Members have the option to refuse your ‘invitation’ or ‘acknowledgement’ and as such, use this feature at your own discretion. 


Account Removal

To delete your account, please make a request by contacting us through our listed emails with subject text ‘remove my account’. Please understand this is permanent and if any person(s) continuously registers and requests account removal (more than once), we hold the right to blacklist your name and ban you from all our services.

If you wish to take a leave of absence, you can visit your privacy settings  and/or remove your profile photo. If we have not replied to your email within 3 working days, we do apologize  and ask you to request again until it is removed.

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