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  • False Impressions
    Lack of confidence and misdirection results in missed opportunities that we will regret a lifetime. Frank, 27 years of age, was a reasonably good looking guy with brown hair and about six feet tall, worked as a marketing designer for an advertising agency. Living in the city reduces leisure time and for most, it is a repeated work and home daily schedule. Rosie was a beautiful girl with dark skin, about 24, a bit short and well-shaped with olive skin, worked in a cafe that Frank would stop every morning to buy his coffee. Every time he would attempt to pay her, he would mispronounce his words, and fumble with the coins causing her to laugh and slowly become red in the cheeks. It was clear to Rosie that Frank liked her; however, he unknowingly presumed that she was dating a co-worker who was in fact her cousin. Rosie often felt that Frank had belonged to another as he never attempted to ask her out. For the both of them, they often longed for a meaningful relationship that would certainly add some pleasure to a bland life in the city. There are many types of dating sites and one in particular was focused on the city in which they lived. Jack, Frank’s co designer, suggested that his friend joined the site since Jack had many successful dates. Considering the advice, Frank joined the site that night and after running an eligibility search, he found Rosie listed as a single compatible female. Strangely, at first he thought that she lived a secret life but everything was clarified after viewing her profile and seeing a picture with her presumed boyfriend captioned “My favourite cousin”. Rosie on the other hand, received a notification that someone viewed her profile and upon seeing Frank, she blushed. Seeing that Frank had so much in common with her and was single, Rosie sent a friend request. Immediately Frank accepted and began a conversation which after 7 months, resulted in the happy couple moving in their new apartment together. In addition to their happy ending; Rosie was going to school part time and ventured into journalism after graduation and Frank got promoted just in time for the birth of their son.
  • A Positive Influence
    Life is unpredictable and filled with many trials and obstacles. As strong as we are, in our darkest moments, the support and love from someone acts as an anchor to prevent us from falling again. Jenna, 38 years of age, was a single mom, simple with black hair and a slim body. Her teenage son, Drew, meant the world to her and she would not let the negligence of his father result in Drew feeling inferior. Mark, still a good looking guy at 41, was in the middle of divorce in which he was fighting for the custody of his teenage son and daughter. He had built his tile company from scratch into a successful business but had to be sold to pay off his cheating wife. Simultaneously, Jenna worked as a chef in a fancy restaurant but the advances from her boss were becoming frustrating and her thoughts neared the idea of quitting. Jenna dreamed of opening her own restaurant but was never encouraged and of course, finances were a bit of an issue. Being a chef, it is difficult to meet people and Jenna had joined a dating site however, the men she met were not goal oriented or desired commitment. Mark, frustrated one night, was filling out forms and after an hour, his brain gave up. Pulling his laptop closer, he saw an ad for the dating site on Google and decided to join. Searching for a mature woman with life experience, Jenna caught his eye and luckily, she was online. Mark introduced himself and after nightly conversations they became friends. Mark’s morale support and business knowledge helped Jenna eventually take a loan and set up a small restaurant. Likewise, Mark maintained his self-esteem after his divorce and won custody for his kids while saving his business true mortgaging. Finally they had stability, success and understanding the importance of each other in their lives, they began dating. Their kids were a bit hesitant but Drew eventually warmed up to the positive influence of a father figure in his life. Mark’s kids welcomed Jenna as a caring mother, especially his daughter during these teenage years; and with their families’ acceptance, they both got married.
  • Fate's Mistake
    Love can transcend lifetimes and mold our destinies, crossing our paths so that our soul mates are the ones we spend our lives with. At the beginning, Joey and Karen met while attending a high school in Liverpool, England. Karen, at average height was beautiful with brunette hair and was quite popular. She managed a successful school career as an A-student and a cheerleader. Joey was an average guy, he played league soccer and did well at school; however, his aspirations were to become a doctor so that he could help his sick father who suffered from a heart condition. Joey and Karen were matched for science labs and Joey began developing a crush for Karen. Her kind nature and brains attracted him and eventually Karen began liking him. Sadly, Karen had to move to the United States after her father’s company promoted him to supervisor of the American factory. Both devastated, for it seemed like an unfortunate destiny, they accepted fate and Karen left after spending a perfect first date that ended with a goodbye. Joey successfully obtained a medical degree at university and specialized as a cardiologist. After all these years, Karen migrated back to England after graduating with her Law Degree. Filled with good memories and better jobs, Karen had hoped to make a better life here. Life is unpredictable and it happened that both of them met on a popular dating site. Ecstatic to see each other, with Karen in disbelief, they skipped the ‘getting to know each other’ phase and went straight for the first date. They were reunited after 9 years and destiny had resolved the mistake it made. After dating for 8 months, Joey popped the question and Karen said ‘Yes!’ Online dating helps defy destiny expanding your reaches of dating across continents allowing your paths to cross with those whose paths travel elsewhere in the real would.
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