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Safety Tips | Just Us | Every Night Is Date Night

Safety Tips

We are working hard to help you find that special someone. Safety is a high priority to us and we want to protect you but there is only so much we can do and cannot be held responsible for things out of our reach.Online Dating is very successful and safe but we would like to share these precautions for your benefit.

As our customer, we want you to be happy and feel secure with our services. However, as much as we want to, we can not be there with you through your conversations, your dates and even harmful websites which you may visit.

Please take the time to read these basic precautions.

Sharing Personal Information

Similar to real life dating, relationships begin with lots of conversations and getting to know someone. We strongly advise you, to NOT publicly display your full last name, amount of income, full address, location of workplace and phone number on your profile. This is a real dating site with real people but you should not give personal details of yourself until you feel comfortable trusting such persons.


Name: James Doe

Location: 45 Bigstreet, Chaguanas

This should be,

Name: James D.

Location: Chaguanas

We do not screen member profiles but we will take reports and complaints into consideration. With rising criminal activity, get to know your match before disclosing any personal information. Exchanging telephone numbers is an important step in moving forward but do not rush the introduction stages and know the person before giving him/her your information. As your relationship forms, take time to discuss your privacy concerns and your likes/dislikes.


Do not share Financial information

Do Not share any information about your credit cards with anyone online

Do Not disclose any personal bank account information

Do Not send money to anyone you meet online

Do Not disclose personal information like your salary, house and assets.

Feel free to block and stop all communications with anyone that pressures you for this information. This is a dating site and the purpose is to build relationships.


Reporting and Blocking

If by chance, there is a person who has become a problem to your online dating persona, you can block them so that they never contact you again.

Report them to us when a situation has escalated to point of life threats, stalking and ‘life invasion’. If such situation exists, contact us and we will work with you to  warn and/or remove the threat from our services.We take member complaints very seriously and if the user is found guilty, serious consequences will follow. Do not report on a member because of personal vendettas; consequences will follow false allegations.

Trying to discredit us in public media will force us to retaliate with legal actions. Work with us not against us.


Protect your account

Your dating profile is only for you. Be careful when using public computers or other people’s devices when logging into Just Us Dating.

No one likes to see their conversations ruined, money spent and their personal profile damaged because of some practical joke or intruder. We cannot help you in this situation so be careful.


Choose Safe Meeting Locations

As the online romance progresses, eventually you and your match will want to meet in person. This is part of our plan to help you have a life filled with love, however, it is important that you acknowledge these precautions.


  • -As anyone will advise, meet in well known public places with a regular crowd. It is important that you plan the date and time of this meeting at a reasonable hour.
  • -This is someone who you are meeting in reality for the first time. We recommend that you use your own personal vehicle should things not go according to plan.
  • -Meet in places that you are within your comfort zone. Going to far locations can be dangerous; so choose a suitable place, maybe in a nearby town or city.
  • -Let friends and family know where you are going. It is important that your loved ones know where you are.
  • – Keep a ‘working’ fully charged cellphone and emergency cash should the date go bad.

Do Not

  • -Meet at your home on first dates. We urge you to follow all the necessary precautions until your date can be considered trustworthy to you.
  • -Break the rules of dating by carrying someone home or going to not previously mentioned locations with your match. That is not romantic, just the perfect trap.
  • -Try your best to not leave personal items unattended


Visit Safe Sites

There are many malicious viruses and hacking software. All operate with different intentions but trust us, they do serious damage. Visiting bad websites and installing piracy software could lead to stolen information and other invasion of piracy. Be smart and protect your account.


Research and learn

Everyone has the sense to know how the world works. Many countries do not have the black listings of sexual and general criminals. When interacting, observe the profile picture and profile information, analyze the conversations and be smart about how you progress towards a relationship. Get to know them, maybe a friend might know them or someone else. Just be safe!


Be Smart

 You are inclined to meet, chat and build relationships. We strongly advise against sending nude or provactive images to other members.

We work very hard to provide an amazing service and we do not want our reputation to be questioned in the media. Our service is based on love so avoid sending provactive images and do not put them as you profile picture(Check terms and conditions)

      In general, all social networks help you connect, interact and make life extraordinary. This is our goal and unlike popular giant social networks, we want you to feel more comfortable because we care. However, there will always be those notorious individuals who misuse all services with bad intentions. Together we can stop them.

Have fun and be careful! Make friends, Find Love. It’s Just Us!